Game Engines and Programming

I want to build my own game.  Yes I know, there are 1 billion games, but not MY game.  LOL.   Like everything else, man it’s harder than it looks.   I’ve tried many resources.  I spent Sunday in a wrestling match with a C++ compiler.  Eh.. it beat me up pretty bad!

The code?  Forget about the code, the hard part is getting the paths set up, and understanding the switches and dials on compiler tools.   I like the Irrlicht engine, no,  I like the Unity engine.  The Unity costs too much so I am looking at NeoAxis, which uses C#.    To make a long story short- you will HAVE to learn to code.

It really deepens your appreciation of people.  There are many unsung geniuses in this world. 

Now the game idea I had has flown like a bird out of my head.   To make a game that is like Chai tea, with drops of honey.   The A/C shut off, and I stop to listen.. to just listen.. to what is happening now.. and the sound of the fan is like music with it’s comfort.    The barricades are holding, and those kids moved out upstairs, so I don’t have to listen to them fighting.  Yep.. it’s all right.

To make these games is nothing like playing them.  It is tedious and daunting, both the graphics and the programming.  Like a puzzle.  It’s like building a house out of playing cards.

I would like to write a novel, but, the real life drama of people around me, fills my head up.  It isn’t a inspiring story, either.  More like.. film noir.

I am a nobody, but I got this Chai Tea.. got my Microsoft Visual C++ and other compilers, and it is not bad,  not bad at all.  I am..digesting my hamburger.  The Chai tea is very helpful, and, it is all right.   No shouts or curses from outside,  no hookers,  man it is all right.


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