The Barricades Held Again Last Night

Well.. the barricades held again last night.   Somebody got stabbed down on Admiral Blvd, near the Hotel Capri.  But that was far away.   I use “SpotCrime” for my crime alerts.  Hmm.. that one link is better, I will repost it here.  Funny, it’s not sending me the crime emails.

That site,,  is better, it seems more thorough.  I changed my settings to “daily”.  Yep.  The source of their info is the KCPD.

I burn the night up studying game engines and programming.  Boy, it is NOT easy.  Maybe I would be better off just writing a story, or a novel.   This does not come to me easy,  just making stuff up.  Far more interesting are the people’s lives going on around me,  my electronic gadgets and computers.  It is more interesting and real to me, than anything I could make up in my head.

I like to write about how the food tastes, the gadgets I use, and the problems of people around me,  and my own stuff.

I am gonna try out some cornish hens on that Showtime Rotisserie that I got at the Salvation Army, for instance.  By golly, the barricades are holding.


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