Computer World vs Real Life

The game of REAL life is far more.. complex, than any game, or anything I could devise.   There’s all sorts of factions, and self interest of every type.

I think that some of the most mediocre people in the world, make a lot of stuff happen.  

They get “in” with a crowd, that happens to be controlling the MONEY.. OIL.. political machinery, or whatever… and get themselves in there. 

Not one hair, on the must humble wretch on this earth could be reproduced with these computers.  Still people just love to crap on each other, denying others food, water and shelter.  Sorting them into groups, like Adolf Hitler,  Joseph Stalin, and others did.  Hitler, Stalin, etc, were not the only ones.

I am frightened ,  after what happened to Dave Singleton.  Dave Singleton himself is kind of nervous.  Even Dave Hart, who has seen it all around here, said “man, that is scary.”

That man is the salt of the earth.. hard at work at age 73.  Always willing to help out, he is a GOOD man.   Meanwhile the drunkards and other miscreants are prowling around.  I would hate them, but they are so unique, what I do most is pity them, and I am afraid of them.  I also pity the poor ones struggling out in this heat.  The thing is, the added pressure of the heat wave makes people a little- more aggresive.  So I stay in at night,  I am content to go to the store and back, and stay inside.

I will take the cold weather, instead of the heat, ANY day of the week.  You can always put more clothes on, or burn something to stay warm, but that heat- there is no escape.  I used to hate driving my truck in it.

Messing with these graphic programs and game engines sure beats reading Google “News” though.  The big news,  Newt Gingrich is NOT going to run for president.  Who gives a hoot?   I wouldn’t give the man the time of day, nor vote for ANY of the republicans… not for the dog catcher.  I am not sure that I like the democrats either.  Bill Clinton made me mad with NAFTA, not Jennifer Lewinsky.    The politicians we have now are just sycophants for Corporations.  Stooges, in other words.

Now for the second news item.. ah yes,  Jennifer Aniston’s haircut.. WHO GIVES A damn?  I see they are trying to hang that one politician over sending pictures of his “winkie” to a broad online, something that many people have done.   I certainly care about how the politician voted, though, and would support him hell or high water.

The tags on my car, not getting ripped off or injured, robbed or burglarized, are my chief concerns.  Being careful where you tread, because my reader, whoever you are, you can be NOTHING in one second.  Who is to say- that one person is more special than the next,  yet we are always doing it.

There is a video, called..”The Surprising History of Sex and Love”,  that shows the different attitudes toward sex throughout history.  It’s pretty interesting, as I try to sort the people out around me.  I am not concerned about their sexuality, but cooking, and keeping that electricity on,  that’s pretty vital to me!


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