I tried out NeoAxis.  It looks like I’ll never be able to afford UNITY.   It really isn’t too bad, it reminds me a lot of FPSC (First Person Shooter Creator).  You  have to watch the tutorials, and it takes hours to do it.   It really isn’t bad at all.  I got a room made, with exploding barrels, a Zombie to shoot,  and a machine gun for my guy to pick up and shoot the Zombie with.  Not bad.  Doesn’t seem nearly as powerful as UNITY.. but then,  it’s a lot cheaper.

You have presets, and I have not got into the program long enough to know if there are other scripts, or how to write scripts for it.  Not bad though, not bad at all.

FPS Creator wasn’t a bad idea, but the files it generated were HUGE.  Unity seems much more sophisticated than NeoAxis.  But it ain’t bad at all.  Once you learn the concepts, you will start getting ideas of how these softwares work.  You still need to watch the tutorials.

File importing is a tough part of these programs.  Getting files to import from terrain generators such as EarthSculptor,  Leadwerks, and L3DT.   I am just scratching the surface, and I have been working for hours and hours now.


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