A Healthy Diet might be Cheaper

Boy it might be cheaper, to eat healthier.  I read on the net that Turkey bacon is not too bad, so I bought $5 worth (it’s 99 cents a pack, for 6ox).  The Sav A Lot turkey is always on sale too, so I got some.  I can’t find a review of it on the net.  I want to make Cowboy beans, which have hamburger, bacon, 4 cans beans, molasses, and brown sugar, along with bbq sauce. The last time I made them they were good, but too sweet and saucy.  Made ’em in the crock pot.

Aldi has good deals on fresh produce.  I got two pineapples sitting on the kitchen table for 99 cents each.  Wolfed a pack of nice strawberries for 99 cents also.

I just tried some of the turkey bacon, it’s really not bad, and supposed to be lots better for you.  I put it with some hamburger and 5 cans of beans, some bbq sauce, molasses,  1 teaspoon brown sugar, and 2 cups of strong black coffee into the slow cooker.   I also put some brisket in there.. so it is some meaty cowboy beans boy.  Cookin it up now, hope it turns out good.


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