Unity 3D

UNIty looks like the cat’s meow of 3D software development- game development.  I am trying to learn this, while locked up in this place at night.  Who knows what REALLY is going to happen.  I make sure that people know that my computers are worthless pieces of shit.

I tried out a LOT of the 3D engines, Irrlicht, DX Studio, NeoAxis.  They are good, but they won’t export to Flash.  Unity 3D also has it’s own UNITY Plugin.   The past two weeks have been intense as I look at what can be done with 3D programs.  Just to understand the terms, such as mipmap, UV mapping, etc.  I am really at the NOOB stage.  I played around with FLASH long ago, and did FLASH web pages.  There is such a variety of environments, it makes you giddy.  UNITY is not cheap, $1500 for the Indy license.  They have a “free” license, and that is what I am using now to learn.. at the tutorial stage.

I am at ground zero on the learning curve, however.  I am looking to see what can be used, with what.  EarhSculptor for example, will make 3D terrains.  It is still not easy.. I watch video tutorials all of the time.

No one cares about ’em.  I could be playing a Stradivarius up here, and they’d steal it for a couple hits of crack.  I am only one of many, from kids aged 11 to 80 learning this to use this software.  It’s pretty neat, it’s a neat trick.   Meanwhile, bums test me out knocking on my door asking for cigarettes, to borrow whatever, etc.   I need to go to the store, but dread it because of the gauntlet of bums.

Nobody gives a shit, about anything, except how to get out of their Crabs in a Barrel situation, and can you blame them?  I go down to Barcados..  and the mendicants are there.  Some rough looking people.  People act like this is a democracy we live in.   For whatever reason, their lives really suck.. it’s awful for them in this heat.  I am fortunate to live, in the world of my stupid computers.

NayNay keeps trying to get me to pick her up, but I won’t do it.  I want to be alone with my computers, my 3D software, and heh- my money.  I haven’t seen poor KC in a couple days.  They don’t understand my computers, and think them a waste of money, a huge waste.  Some socks, underwear, a clean shower, and medical supplies are what they need, and some tea, maybe.  I won’t give them beer.   Ugg.. I hate that shit.   I wish they had a picture of Barcado’s on the  Budweiser commercials, or a guy in the hospital.   But that’s America for ya.  No, wait, “this Bud’s for YOU!” as they show a guy sleeping on the bench at the Bus stop- then, he gets stabbed.


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