Someone Breaks in to the House Next Door

Someone breaks in, to the house next door.   This is the same building that was converted into apartments, and went up in flames a few months ago.  They fixed it up.. fixed the Damage, but all the renters moved out.  It’s not a bad building at all, but that is the way around here.

I am gonna set up a cam pointed that way, but I’ll bet they got in the back door.  Yep.  The way things happen around here, sheesh.  Why are the cameras and “news” always focused on Jennifer Aniston’s hair cut?   It ought to be focused on the Republican party, and what they’ve done to this country.  If you are old, and sick, you would know what I am talking about.

Your so called..”Social Security”, you won’t get that until you are about to drop dead.   I watch Fred and Bambi’s struggle, and my own after my injury.  Missouri is one of the worst states, and despite it’s conservatism.. (read that, the rich people run it for themselves),  it’s got one of the highest unemployment rates.  We are being LIED TO.  It’s a lie, a huge lie, the United States is.

Out of all my family, I’m the only one who finished the military experience,  and I’ll tell you-  I’m the least patriotic.  I’m not patriotic at all, in fact.  To defend WHAT?  To protect WHO?  We are farm animals for the wealthy, and I do not know it its by design, but that’s the way it works out.   Usury is listed as one of the most despicable sins, but it that is what we are defending now.  It certainly isn’t fairness, nor human goodness.

The people around here are listless, hopeless.  Desperately praying, and hoping for a crumb to drop their way.   The crooks, and the cops, are just kicking around some tired shit,  that’s all.


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