The Cops Nail Freddie Joe

The cops nail old Fred ‘cos he don’t have auto insurance.   One of my theories– you will get in more trouble over a beef like this, than if you actually really DONE somethin’.    Fred borrows that old green Tempo from a lady he sometimes works for, and this keeps Fred and Bambi afloat.  They are just BARELY floating.  Gas shut off now.. electricity, I do not know.  It was scheduled to be shut off.

NONE of the TVee people know what life is like for many Americans.  Nope.  They ain’t got a clue.  We are supposed to be silent, and keep payin the fines and taxes- for the sports stadium, that is.   I could care less if every sports team left Kansas City, and by the way, take the drug dealers, murderers, muggers, and hot heads with ’em.

We are supposed to tilt our head back, so that the news media and giant corporations, cram snap, crackle, and pop down our throat.. then when it is time, to die without a whimper, waving the flag, at how “great” this place is.  It’s called HAMMER THE POOR.

Still, there are far worse fates in the world than around here.  Indeed, there are.   Oh well.. there is always somebody who’ll trade places with ya!   Such as the child labor they use to peel shrimp.  Agricultural laborers throughout the world who are little more than slaves.  

There is always someone worse off.


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