Soap Opera of the Inner City

A fight down at the liquor store, and somone gets stabbed badly.  The local mendicants are down there, drunk as a skunk,  hanging around the alley by the Discount Liqours at Norton and Independence Avenue.  I hear this tale from the clerk and from Chrissy.  Meanwhile, Fred is sick, Bambi tending to him.  They’ve had their gas shut off, but no to worry,  they’ll get it turned on in wintertime.

Chrissy is telling me about this one guy’s house, she was renting a room from.  They stole the electric meter from the house, stole it for the scrap and it is the devil getting another one.  The meter cost a TON of money, and they stole the copper pipe in the basement.   So no running water,  no electric, no gas. He cooks on a bbq grill out front.  Uses rain water to flush the toilet.  The roof leaks.  It’s house down around 7th and Spruce.

This is common around here, and the reason why I’ve never bought a house around here.  You couldn’t give me one of these houses.  You have to be able to defend them.  The apartment is much better.  There is safety, in numbers.  That is, unless the apartment building itself is “infected”.

What always makes me wonder is the differences in the world.  Why people- are like they are, why it is, the way that it is.

I’ve got my cam system up, and it’s working good.  The multiplexer I got for a song, like $10,  it has 16 channels, motion detection,  a crude digital zoom.  The zoom quality depends upon the quality of the cams.  Around here, the determined crook will steal the damn camera.  It’s like these insurgents or something.

My neice is having problems, she’s living in a shelter.  Daily I am approached by people needing a few bucks.  But just that FEW dollars.. makes a big difference.  I would give money away by the shovel full, if I had it.

I gave myself a haircut with one of those razor combs, and I am gonna write a separate post about these.  It worked good!

Last night I made baked chicken,  with corn on the cob ‘cos it is cheap.. and boy was that ever good.  Baked potato,  gravy from the drippings.. green beans,  Roma bread and butter- it don’t get much better.   KC is not used to eating, so she had to lay down.  I lay her down in my soft acrylic blankets with the fans on.


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