Cut Your Own Hair

I became interested in razor combs, to cut my own hair, and save money.   My hair was grown out, and looked like Uncle Fester’s wife..a mop.  Sideburns grown out,  I looked like a bum.  Most people around here don’t care what they look like, anyways.   I wanted to save money.  I don’t like to go to the barber either and sit around.

I bought several of them.  The Seki.  The “Juliere” or something like that (you can get these at Sally Beauty Supply for 5 bucks.).   Most of them really cheap, and there are Chinese knock offs that you can get on ebay.

You need to watch the videos to explain how they are used.  Once you figure it out, it is easy.  It was great.  I set up a cam behind me, and watched myself on a big old TV to see the results.  It was harder to the back.  But at least I have a hair cut, and the price was right.  Works good!

Videos of razor combs:

You can get as elaborate as you want..using bobby pins, hair clips, etc.  I didn’t have to, and was pleased with the results.


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