Review: Mantia Pizza Crust Mix from the Store

Today I tried some “Mantia” brand Pizza Crust Mix from Sav A Lot.   At 50 cents a box, it seems just as cheap as making your own crust from scratch.  I used a good brand of Pizza Sauce I got at the Apple Market.  Made it with shredded Mozzarela, shredded Paremesan, green olives, and pepperoni.

This dough rises FAST.  It only has to rise for 5-10 minutes.  It makes enough for one, 12 inch pizza.

The results were good.  That pizza was pretty good.  It’s a thin crust.  It is not as good as Pizza Hut, but better than Tombstone, and it is quick to make.  I have a Betty Crocker pizza crust mix I will try next time.   It was certainly not the worst pizza that I have had.  My estimated cost is between.. $3-$4.  The crust is not the very best, but it is very fresh, and has a nice taste.  The bottom browned up nicely, even using a standard oven.

I will surely make it again.  Next time, I am going to add a tad more water to the mix.  I’ll add a additional 1/4 cup water, on the theory that it will make the crust flakier.  I read this (somewhere) on the net when I was researching home made pizza.

The thing that delights me, is how cheap it was to make.   I’ll bet Turkey pepperoni would taste good.  The only thing you shouldn’t skimp on is the cheese.  It’s got to be Mozzarella.  Other cheeses will break down into oil, such as cheddar.

One thing I did not skimp on was the Pizza sauce.  I used the “Dei Fratelli” brand of pizza sauce from Apple Market.  Kissy Chris did all the work..and it turned out good. That sauce is really important, if you want a good tasting pizza.  There are some home made recipes.. eh.. dunno.  Maybe certain spaghetti sauces would be good.  Some people just use tomato sauce.  Well, I wouldn’t do it that way.

Update:  I added 1/4 extra water to this pizza mix.  It made the dough ball so soggy that it wouldnt form into a ball at all.  I poured it into my pizza pan like cake dough.  Well- it turned out GOOD!  The outer crust crisped up nice.  The middle of the pizza when it first came out made the slice of pizza droop.  BUT.. it was still good.  Really good, actually.

Next time I won’t add the water.    The pizza turns out good, pretty much, exactly as directed.  These companies know what they are doing, and pay kitchen experts to develop their produces, so you can trust the directions on the box.  Ya don’t have to pre bake the crust.   The directions to make the pizza are very simple, it is VERY simple. If I can do it, you can.

One foible of making home made pizza, is the tendency to get too fancy.  If you put too many ingredients on the pizza, it won’t cook all the way through.  I used about 1/2 pack of the standard pack of shredded Mozarella.  I sprnkled on some shredded parmesan, and some shredded asiago,  just a touch.  It turned out pretty good!

Update II..  the third one.  Chris made me the third one.  A little garlic powder this time in the crust we mixed, then on the crust before we popped it into the oven.  Yummmy.  VERY good quality pizza.



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