More Tornadoes $#@#!

MORE tornadoes!  About 12:20 PM we were cowered in the basement.  I had pillows with me, a jug of milk to calm my nerves, and my weather radio and cell phone in case we got buried.  Still, people in the building just said, “nah, it ain’t gonna hit us”, and went about their business.

I read all last night about how to make your own, home made pizza, and was astonished at how easy it is.  I am gonna try my hand at it, and soon.  I read about the Robber Barons on Wikipedia.  They weren’t such bad guys, some of them weren’t.  I’ve met people that were much more ruthless than the robber barons are!  Criminals.  The ‘hood, and the world in general is full of them.

There are many ruthless people that go unsung in this world.  People quite prepared, to do awful things to one another.

What is interesting to note, is that the robber barons lives were full of foible.  Failure, disappointment, incest,  sickness,  and ruthless competition.  People tried to assassinate them, and everything else under the sun.  Some of them were really scoundrels, but some of them weren’t.   What an adventure their lives were!

Bill Gates is wealthy, but he’s also probably one of the most ripped off people on earth,  his software being the most pirated.  Eh- it’s too expensive!  Linux should be the  number one O.S.  Still,  I do not think of Mr. Gates as evil.. not at all.

You try writing some of this code sometime!  Like I am, as I struggle with these game engines.  Boy it ain’t easy.  Or at least, it’s not easy for yours truly.  I am thankful to have escaped the tornadoes.


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