Waitin’ on the Tornado

Bad weather is supposed to hit tonight, and I hope it is not a tornado.  The way things are going, one is likely to hit, when I think about it.  I pray for my brothers and sisters,  Normeen is working the night shift, driving people around to dialysis, he works for one of those transport companies for sick people.  Wheelchair transport.

That tornado in Joplin, MO a couple days ago was one of the worst in American history.

I take Bambi down to the paystation, and give her $20 so they wont shut her electric bill off.  Bambi can hardly see the pay machine, pressing her nose and peering at the letters.  She has to put her eyes 2 inches from the glass to see the writing on it, I am not kidding.

I get some herbal tea at Apple Market.  In a few minutes I will try some of the peppermint tea.  Apple has a good selection of herbal teas, better than the pharmacies.  Yep.  I have the radio on, ‘cos my TVee don’t work, I don’t have it hooked up to that digital box.  I got the radio on, and am wishing for one of those battery powered, weather radios.