Green Tea, Chamomile Tea

I have mild diverticulitis.  I had the V.A. examine me,  after my hernia operations.  The hernia was a large one, a ventral hernia.  This means it is a lump above your navel.  Jeez it felt like I had a baseball in there!

I had the operation, and that was the cure, for a while.  Now I am having more gastric difficulties.  I tried Pepto Bismol,  I tried Zantacs.  These would work, but the Pepto Bismol will give you more diarrhea.

SO.. I tried this green tea.  I started with the cheap Green Tea for $1 at apple market.  This morning, when I first woke up,  I drank about 1/2 cup of coke.  It has been my habit to start the day with coffee, and/or coke.  I got the same symptom.. my stomach twisting in pain, and then the diarrhea.

So.. I tried some Green Tea for it,  and by golly, it seems to work!  So I bought some more, a better brand this time, and some Chamomile Tea.  By golly .. it seems to be working!

Since 6/28 I’ve been ill.  I was driving over the road, but that hernia started giving me excruciating pain.   I had a operation.  Then the recovery.. ouch.  But at least I am not staggering around with that baseball in my stomach.

BIG NOTE.. Even the cheap green tea will work, the $1 box at Apple Market.

Update:  I woke up about 0300.. man.. same thing, my bowels irritated, my stomach cramping.  One cup, then another cup, Chamomile Tea worked better than any of the drugs that I have on hand.


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