Who CARES about Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I am so sick of the “News” coming on .. with the foibles of famous people’s family.  I dislike Arnold Schwarzengger on his OWN merits- not his relationship with his wife!  No I don’t like his ideas.  Why.. he wasn’t even born here!  Remember when the Republicans were trying to change the constitution so they could run Schwarzenegger and get control?

Man.. there are people that have kids running around all over the place in the inner city.. I mean they’ve got like 4 kids!  They don’t support NONE of  ’em either.

Then there is the IMF.. “Scandal”.. man WHAT scandal?  He tried to fuck the hotel maid- man who gives a shit?  He could come around here, we’ll fix him up.  The bizzare values of this world scare me.. it SCARES me to death!  The crooks scare me.  The news media scares me. The politicians scare me.

The Shah of Saudi Arabia, or whatever he is, has lots of wives, concubines, and everything else.  He’s also got the Bush family over there calling him “your highness”..and lickin’ his boots.

At least Arnold could take CARE of his kids.  Not ship them off to the military like I got shipped.  You think I was in the military ‘cos I was “patriotic”?   MOST of the guys on the boat just joined up to escape some sort of unhappy circumstance.

Many people around here, no MOST of ’em, can’t even take care of their kids.

People are crazy.  Feel sorry for Maria Shriver?  Here..listen closely.. to the sound of the world’s tiniest violin.  Now she’s got a Hollywood shark lawyer.  Yep. I am gonna just jump on a hand grenade to defend this wonderful community.  She ought to come down and see the way the poor people handle things.  I’ve seen these local women beaten so badly, I have never SEEN such a beating, even on a boxing match.  Both eyes swollen shut. The whole nine yards.  No one even makes a noise when this happens.  Man- the cops won’t even pick ’em up!

The tattoo we had in the USN was “Never Again Volunteer Yourself”.

That rascally Fred has two kids- by his wife’s sister.  The woman downstairs had three kids.  One by her husband.  One by her husband’s brother, and one by the guy upstairs.  I ain’t kidding.  I was here when the fur flew over that one.. eeeyow.  According to the grandfather, all of the kids are in foster homes now, and the woman is living up in Nebraska with her husband.  SHEESH.

I thought I would have to call the cops, who wouldn’t do nothin anyways.  They don’t want to make out the reports.

That’s another thing, I don’t feel sorry for Mel Gibson’s wife, Oksana.  She’ll get more than many of the women on this planet dream of, and that sure includes the poor women in this ‘hood.

Bambi downstairs is making neckbones again.  She likes that “soul food” stuff.  I don’t know why.  The soul food is only a LITTLE cheaper.  These are people, if it weren’t for the churches, would go hungry, cold, and even die.   For example, Bambi, who has extreme diabetes, and has to have insulin..she HAS to have it.  She can’t see too well, nor smell to well.

I have people coming and knocking on my door asking for some slices of bread.  People come knockin’ asking for a cigarette, or even..”do you have any long butts”.  Why do you think famous rappers have names like “50 cent”?


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