El Cheapo Security Cam Setup

I got my El Cheapo security cam setup going.  Yes..the barricades are holding this night.  I got a 16 channel multiplexer for CHEAP, about $10 not including shipping.. it was about $24 all told.  The thing has lots of features.  For one thing, it will run 16 cams.

I am filling up the connections with a motley assortment of cams that I have got.  They are chinese “cheapies”.. some as cheap as $10 each.  They all have night vision, which works well, actually.   They are fixed focus, and cheap, but they work.  I have them set up with those cheap brown extensions cords, and another motley assortment of 12 and 9 volt power supplies I have scrounged.  Not bad, really!

The multiplexer has motion detection on it, so if I would want it, it would only fire the VCR when motion is detected.  Hmm.

I have a Samsung SSC1280 Time Lapse VCR which I also got for cheap on ebay- $15.  So here I am looking at it.  The multiplexer has lots of features on it, at least for what I paid.  Picture in picture, you can switch the cams all around, etc.

Not bad!  Around here you need security, with these roving thugs all over the place. We are slowly running them out.  The landlord does not have a great selection as far as prospective tenants, but at least the worst ones, they get run out of here.

Bear in mind, the way this place was a few years ago.  There were hookers fornicating customers right between the buildings, in broad daylight.  People slinging beer bottles outside,  fights, drunks,  people smoking crack right outside, right out in front.

There is riff raff outside, riff raff INside.  A few of the people I really like though.  I like old Bambi,  I like several, solid people in the building.  I got my  Multiplexer from Barker Business Machines on Ebay.  There is another place on ebay, Nelly’s Surplus that has a good selection, better than Barker does.  Next, I am gonna get some old store cams.  To sum it up, you can get a old Store cam for about $10-15.  Watch the voltage on these, many used 24VAC.  So you’d have to get a adapter for theml

Even as I type, the sirens are going off.  The apartment buildings around here are really scandalous.    There is a documentary being made about a certain Zip code, 64130,  titled..”Kansas City  Murder Factory“.

Here’s a PDF map of the Kansas City Murder Areas.  Here is another PDF Map showing the most notorious area, 64130.

Many people around here have this mysterious..”stomach flu”.. whatever that is.  I got it.. it’s awful.. severe stomach upset..then diarrhea.  People are always sick around here.  Tonight a woman fell down in the hallway and we had to call 9-1-1.  She had insulin in her bag, so it might have been from that.. whatever they call it.. insulin attack or something.  MANy people are diabetic around here.. a whole lot of people are.


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