To Sum it Up

The helicopters drone overhead.  The cops are ALWAYS lookin’ for somebody around here.  I keep thinking of that man, Yuri Ives, who was the envy of the whole ‘hood, or at least this block of it.   I get gloomy as I think of young teens who are better with these machines than I could ever think about.

It is hard to compare your life to others, it just IS.  Frank the postman is about the most useful person in the world to me, and I just love the excellent mechanic I just found to work on my car.

I drove over the road for most of my life.. for about 20 years, a job I hated pretty much, but loved to have time to myself.  Didnt have no one looking over my shoulder.  That gives me the heebie jeebies.  Didn’t have people’s egos to deal with.  Odd.

Them drunks are fighting upstairs, it’s about 2 AM Sunday morning.  Roving prostitutes are hanging around, all over the place.  It’s so hard to compare your life.  I could be up in the Arctic.   I could be in the prison.  I have known many people who did prison time, especially around here, and from what they say, it is a awful experience,  and in particular the state institutions.

It is hard to tell, if you are doing good, or doing bad.  More money, seems to be the answer. I guess, and that is JUST a guess.  To have a cool place, to have a computer to write with,, that is a excellent thing.


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