Slept ALL day after a ALL NIGHTER- searching for a game engine.   Boy it’s hard to find one, that will run on this machine, at least.  Blender has a game engine, but it seems too hard.  I slept all day.. it is so cool out, and I am frustrated, but I look at the calamities that are befalling others on this earth, I suddenly feel blessed, and fortunate.

Windows got a virus, but I was fortunate.  I highly recommend the backup programs in the previous posts.

I tried out the Reality Factory engine, but didn’t like it.  I had FPS Creator,  this program I actually like, but the files it generates are HUGE.  What I want to make is a detective or mystery game.  My beard is grown out, and my hair is long.  I downloaded the Unreal SDK, but it is pricey, and this machine won’t run it.

I looked at the  NeoAxis Engine.  Boy this is a good game engine.  Well, I dunno about the licensing though.  It’s pretty expensive for a commercial license.  You could make some pretty good stuff with NeoAxis.

I got my security cams on.. on the outside, but am leery of the thugs on the INSIDE of the building.  Hardly anyone uses computers around here, except as items to take down to the pawn shop, after they’ve stolen them.  THUGS, drunks, and dope addicts.


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