People need More than Computers

People need more than computers,  I will say that.  The people that I meet around here, they barely know how to use computers, and many have college degrees, or at least some college.  Me, I have high school, Navy electronics schools, a programming course, and A+, INET+, and NET+ certifications.  I’m a still a lightweight with computers, compared to many people.

Still- technical knowledge seems far from what people really need.  Today I was thinking of our postman, Frank, and how important his role is in this community.  VERY IMPORTANT.

The level of violence is appalling in the world.  Overseas, and right here in the community.  It is AWFUL, and has touched my life, and the lives of those close to me many, many times.

There is a book, by Daniel Golman, called “Social Intelligence”.  It is about the way people think about, one another, and it fills up far more of our conscious than we know.  Actually, we KNOW about it, but we shove it aside because we are climbing our own lonely little hill.. our own life.


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