$##!@% Windows

*snarrlll*.    I have to use the dreaded.,  Win- you-knw-what, ‘cos the software that I am liking right now,  Liquid Story Binder runs best on it.   Even though you have a AntiVirus program, you will still catch bugs.  There are other goodies that will only run on WinBlows.  DRAT.


ERUNT  is the best one. I always go to Gizmo’s Page,  Techsupportalert for the best freeware programs, and this is the one he recommends.  This program will save your registry at each startup.  The registry is the heart of windows.  So once infected, it is wise to restore your registry.  It doesn’t take much room on your drive, and is well worth it.  A even better idea is to have backups on a SD card, USB drive, or other portable device, even a floppy.


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