The Bee Stings o’ the Nobodies

I am reading about the angst of the famous people.. the TVee people..and the somebody people.   Yep.. OUCH.. THAT must hurt.  But man.. the suffering o’ people I meet every day really eclipses it.

People trying to keep cool in the heat, when there is NO running water.. no decent place to shower. People with teeth missing, eyes missing.. everything else.. waitin’ on the bus.. they come up to me to bum some coins, and by golly I give it to them. Today KC made the observation that I made long ago..”when you are getting crapped on, people just want to crap on you even more.”

People are out there, selling themselves as dearly as they can, and I mean selling themselves.

I keep wondering who the bloodstains outside on the front step belong to, and it makes me nervous, boy.

There is some pleasure.  I am blessed with my A/C and internet connection.  I don’t blow no money on extras.  Just made a slow cooker of pintos and Nopalitos.. I am really discovering these beans.  Those things taste great, this is one of my best batches yet.

The thugs upstairs have quieted down, yep.


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