Swelter Time

KC comes up, and it’s hot outside.   I hate the damn heat.  I’d rather have the cold outside ANY day, as long as it’s not too extreme.  It is much harder to cool down, than it is to warm up.  

 Kc comes up to make that bacon sandwich I’d promised her.   Chris says- “it’s a wonder that I don’t weigh 90lbs,  the way I walk around.”.   It’s true.  There are people that walk around for miles a day,  and they ain’t doing it for their health.

The electricity is off now in her place.. the water was shut off a while ago.  I can only imagine what it is like to try to sleep in that heat.

Later.. Bambi comes up,  jealous that KC got to do my dishes.  What do I think of that?  It is awful.  I give her $6, the most I could afford,  just to appease her and she cleans up the house really spiffy.   She talks about seeing her friend Cleo, who is the brother of Leo (no I am not making this up),  his nephew found dead in an alley- shot in the head.

How I fret over my own nieces and nephews!  My siblings, are their struggling parents.  It’s like watching this novel, but it’s a very dark one.

No need for A/C now, as the cool from the rain comes through the door.  Now that, is something.   That- is something.  Just to have your food digest.  Just to be cool in this heat.  I’d rather there be cold than heat ANY day of the week.


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