The Fruit Stand

KC comes over.. I giver her $10 for the dishes, which delights her..then buy her some pizza and a coke.  We are sweltering in this heat, and it has just started.  She is reading a new book, and boy, she just can’t get enough stories to read.

I am talking about the cam system I am building, slowly, and talking about recent events.  Then, we start talking about the fruit and vegetable stand.  They used to have one, up at Prospect and Chestnut.

What happened to the Fruit Stand guy?  Last summer, someone robbed the old man in broad daylight.  Hit him in the head with a hammer- really messed him up, and got away with the day’s take- $32.

I am more worried about stuff like this, than Osama Bin Laden.  Such political conflicts are just MORE.. insanity and madness.

KC loses the $10 I gave her, yep actually loses it.  She’s got this crappy old purse filled with junk, like ketchup packets, a aluminum can, etc.  Breaks down crying, I ger her another $10 spot, telling her she can clean my oven.  I mean… A $10 bill is like a HUNDRED to these people, no a THOUSAND.  I sure got other uses for that money, but I just can’t stand watching this shit.   Watchin’ people swelter out in the heat.  Watchin’ them get the shit beat out of them.  Watching them begging for a crumb.

Daily, I encounter, the most humble people in the USA.  Chris in tears almost, cos she misses the meal at the Salvation Army.  Damn.  These people don’t know what to do with a Android.  They can’t even afford the Pay as you Go cheapy phones.  Well, they get them, but the homeless get them stolen from one another all the time.

Few people can realize what it is like to be in their shoes,  very few.  I keep hoping it is John Boehner I see in that bus station sleeping.  I’d beat his ass to a pulp.  Ha!  He could call the cops.  Let him CALL THEM!  See around here.. those cops won’t do NOTHIN’..they will literally- laugh at you while you are bleeding. .. it wouldn’t even make the papers,  like so many events I see around here.   Let them get a fuckin’ taste of it.

Seal Team Six ain’t showin’ up buddy.  It don’t matter if someone caved your head in.

I keep getting reminded, that the world don’t revolve around my computer.  Nope, not at all.   Most of these people around here, can’t use computers, nor do they know what to do with them, when they DO have access.

Everybody claims the backing of God.  Well God is crazy.  Yes sir, he is crazy.


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