Blood o’ the Nobodies

About 0200 I noticed people out on the front stoop.  Mostly from the third floor, because it’s hot as blazes up there.   I was up, working on my writing, working on DAME (which is a tool for Flash), and working on my story.  They had that front door propped open, which is my pet peeve.  I want that door SHUT at night, especially around  here.

I didn’t have my TimeLapse VCR set up.  It’s a new project of mine.  The cheapo security set up.  I buy up old equipment from the days of VCRs.  Some of it is quite good.  The new DVR’s are still too pricey.

This is a pity, because in the morning, old Dave from downstairs wakes me up and asks me if I had a tape from last night.  There’s blood spatter all over the front walk, all over the front steps.

I suspect the dudes that have the car from the movie “Straight Time”.   Damn it is a pity, and it is scary.

Life is like a series of close calls, of narrow escapes.  It really is miraculous.

I didnt have my VCR setup because the wire that I have uses RCA connectors, and this equipment is set up for BNC.   The BNC connectors too expensive at Radio Shack.  I am waiting on some from Ebay.

The bicyclists go by on expensive bikes, with expensive outfits on, little realizing, what is going on in the apartment buildings and houses, as they cycle by on this fine old street.


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