The Live Blog o’ the Nobodies

I am here, in NobodyVille.  I call up my nobody relatives, who graciously answer the phone, even thought I am interrupting the TVee commercial.  Oh well.  “He’s a real, nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans, for noboday”.

I got some electricty for my A/C, I am glad of that.  It isn’t too bad.  I notice a new prowling kitty, a skinny little calico, and the large black one.  It is fun watching the cats.  They are like this poetry in motion, and they say it all, as they prowl around, eyes big as saucers, ears rotating around.  A wonderful creature, is a cat.  Simply marvelous.

I am writing, on a story, with my fav software Liquid Story Binder.  So many people have good ideas.  There’s a lot of great ideas.  But to actually DO something, that is another thing.  It is far harder to write fiction, than I imagined.  I love to write though.

I am watching the Pacquiao-Mosley fight, rather, watching the blog on it.  I call up to inquire about my 2nd Cousin, who got stabbed in a stupid altercation up in Maryville, MO.  No one even knows how he is- he’s fighting for his life.

Today I see KC sitting on the front steps of the big concrete church across the street.  It is hot, and they must be sweltering in that abandoned house, or wherever they are living at now.  Bambi’s been sick, and worried about her blood sugar.  I am working on my cheapo security cam setup.  Them thugs make me uneasy outside.  It’s not that they are inheritly “bad”, its’ that stupid juice they are drinking.  You want some action?  There is plenty of action around here.. *groann*.

They’d rip these computers off, with all the work saved on them, and sell ’em for a piece o’ crack that someone brewed up in a kitchen sink somewhere.. sell it like that.  People don’t carry Androids around people don’t even know how they work or how to use them.  Sheesh I don’t.

I am working, working on my.. Nobody Ideas.  Just downloaded some stuff to make Flash games.  I used to make Flash sites.  Now, I have found some really nice developer tools, called Flixel.  That, and am saving my Nobody Bucks to get a new Quad core CPU.

That’s how it is in NobodyVille.  Nobodies get it all the time, and nobody knows.  We disappear off this earth like the bubbles on the packing wrap that I love to pop…man it’s ‘just like that’..and we poof in a second.

Later, nobody K.C. comes over, does my dishes, I give her $5, she soak her feet in Epsom salt and splits right away.  One of the water pipes broke in the house she was staying in.  She soak up the A/C too.  BUT..she takes off.   She is gonna get into a program, I hope she finally does.  It’s the emotional state of battered people.  They are shell shocked, and they get ostracized from their families, like the “Scarlet A.”  She takes off, annoyed.  I had got her a phone, but someone ripped that one off from her, most likely one of them crack heads.

People are funny.  Even the poorest wretch around here, the very poorest, wants things his own, certain way.  We all do.  People, are complicated as hell, and I much prefer that cat.   Territorial?  People will be at one another’s throat over which end of an egg to break.  You better be careful of what you say to people!  You better be careful, of how, you say it.

Meanwhile, I work on my story ideas.  I download some software development tools for Flash.  They are getting better, and better.  One is called DAME.  Right now I am stuck on making tilesets, and designing my overall story idea.  It’s a lot better than it used to be.

Some games are very good, with comparatively little arduous programming.  The Big Fish hidden object games.  Even these games have to be designed cleverly, though.  These games are surprisingly fun.

It is funny how we burn ourselves up, we just burn our lives right up.


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