A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My dreams- I got Murdered

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my Amerikan Utopia- I got murdered.  This popular practice is going on somewhere in the ‘hood even as I type.  Oh GOD the crap people give one another, and how they love to be abusive to one another.  Like cockerels crowing and strutting- until they, in turn, get theirs.

Just about everything imaginable happens to people that I have known for a long time, or meet casually.  I am trying to write a novel, but real life, the REAL life around here, fills my head up with it’s emotional charge.

People that I liked very much, had horrible things befall them.  No one gets around it, not even Paul McCartney.  Not even the royal family, not George Bush, and certainly not Osama Bin Laden.

Meanwhile, local drug dealers and thugs are treating one another like shit out in the neighborhood.  Who knows what will happen this night?  Kissy Chris might get beat up for the umpteenth time this week.  She’s had a detached retina, a broken arm, and countless beatings.  I do not know what to do for her, except to pray.

That is what I do, is pray a lot.  I pray for Bambi, for my brothers, even for my cousins.  My Uncles, my Aunt Norma,  and for the people that passed on in this world.   People had the most awful things happen to them, while I looked on, dumbfounded and helpless.

My brother and I make pork chops this evening, glad to just have some decent food.  I let him cook them, he’s the better cook, mostly.  His coffee is certainly better than mine, he gets it right on the nose, every time.

The American family is so.. fractured.  You never know what is going to happen next.  They don’t get on a lot of the times, but that does not mean I wish them ill.  I marvel at other people, but they often disgust me.  I particularly admire boxers.  I cannot believe the shape these men are in, the physical condition.  It is a brutal sport, but I cannot help but admire them.  I also like gymnasts and figure skaters- marvelous people.

They are marvelous because most of the world is so afflicted.  They are afflicted, and they are inflicting.

There are the bad guys of the world.  Yes indeed, they are there.   You never know who they are..it just happens to you.  Your car gets stolen.  I hate it when that happens.


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