Ruthless People

Osama Bin Laden was a ruthless, arrogant person, but there is quite a crowd of them.   I guess that is the way, mankind will never learn.  They’re all out to “teach one another a lesson”.  My brother talks about the things that happened to his co workers are Colombian Steel Tank.  He’s driving now.

People are ruthless and arrogant,  I guess it is the world over, and I do not think it will ever change.  Vain, egotistical, and ruthless.  They are ruthless down here, in the bad section of town, and they are ruthless in the good section too.

Life reminds me, of this horror film, in which we can be NOTHING, in a second.  Just like.. that.   No one seems to escape. Not even the most powerful men in the world.  People around here, who I thought powerful, have stuff happen to them all the time.

My brother takes around many a person, put in a wheelchair by violence, particularly gunshot wound victims.  In all cases, it happened JUST LIKE THAT.. like the person couldn’t believe that it happened.

I NEVER go into bars, not unless I want to eat there, I do not care if it is a swanky bar, either.  People are crazy, and crazier still when they drink that stupid juice.

Osama Bin Laden? I am worried about the people I meet right here, right around here, in the U.S.A. 

“when the time is ripe, the evil thought springs forth, and reveals it’s gathered power”- James Allen.


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