Obama Scores Again

Obama scores big points by hunting down Osama Bin Laden.   Yep.  People around here really like it, he’s a bad guy in pretty much everyone’s book.  I do not think he will have too much trouble with Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is too.. well.. Donald Trump to win in a election.

I like Mr. Obama.  He got the cool head.

There is a lot of evil minded people in the world.  A lot, besides Mr. Bin Laden.  There’s evil right around here.

I like Mitt Romney, and I like Mr. Huckabee too.  I do not like them as much as Obama, nor Hillary Clinton though.

The thing about Osama Bin Laden to me is, he had all that money.  More money than I ever dreamed of.  So what does he do with it?  He starts some shit.   He could have just retired, and enjoyed himself.  Boy that’s what I’d do.


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