Been Waitin’ for the Bus All Day

Been Waitin’ for the bus all day.  That’s the way it is for many people.  They are working jobs.. and still can’t make it.  Got to borrow $20 so they can make it until Friday, or whenever, they are gonna have some money.

They have their delicate little Micro Economy going, and Lord, how things go haywire when some money is needed for something unexpected.

You just don’t GET sick.. the poor do NOT GET SICK.  I’ve seen people work right up until the end.. watched them slowly die..without taking time off, or even trying, to address their medical problems.

There are many people around here, in the direst of straghts.. the most desperate situations.  So we don’t need people droppin’ a bomb on us.  Like dip stock Bin Laden, who had more money than many a person on this earth DREAMS of.

Just like today. Bambi comes walking up, we start talking about blood sugar- hers is like 300!  She has a big old chocolate pie, she says: “when I gets depressed, I eat me something sweet.”.   I give her a big old shank ham portion, ‘cos I am never gonna eat it up.  I always get them, but can never devour them all.

Bambi looks around and says: “looks like this place need some cleanin'”.  She’s so sweet.  She will, she’ll clean this place right up.  Fold my clothes and everything.  She goes to church and gets all fired up.. she’s wonderful, actually.

I see KC lurking down by the Apple market, and invite her up for a BLT,  I am gonna make her bacon in the oven, with brown sugar.  I bought a really good tomato at the Apple Market.

Get the picture?  Like crabs in a barrel.  I like to help other people, but man.. you can get your hand bit off.  It just depends if someone decides they are “mad as hell, and not gonna take it any more”.

That’s why I am so.. disgruntled.  The people that DO have abundance are a bunch of crazy people.  A bunch of wealthy drunks run the world, and it sucks.


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