The West Bottoms in the 1970’s

Me and Normeen go down to the West Bottoms, to have a Saturday lunch at Jerry’s Woodswether.  I was talking about the prostitutes down there, Norman says: “man this ain’t nothin’ compared to the way it was in the ’70s.   There were dice games down there,  tons of prostitutes, and shootings all the time.”  These guys from Colombian Steel Tank would cash their paychecks, and get robbed down there.

We go to Jerry’s Woodswether, and he astonishes me by packing away a double cheeseburger and fries.  I told him I’d buy him whatever he wanted, and when he said he wanted the double, I said: “man are you sure?”

That thing was as big around as a cantaloupe, I couldn’t believe it when, halfway through my BLT,  I looked over, and there was about a tablespoon left of that burger.  He ate all the french fries too!  He has a slender, golfer’s build.  It is me that is the big guy.

It used to be wild and wooley in that section of town,  but it’s toned down now.  There isn’t anything down there anymore.  Faultless Starch, a couple of truck places..the buildings are all empty.  Wagner Industries warehouse is down there.  It is spooky nowadays, with the industry gone.  At night it is REALLY spooky.   The guys that worked down there, they were pretty salty types.  Norman said “ used to be, if you fucked with anyone on the job, complained or snitched, man you’d wind up with a bullet in your head.”.   He added..”those were the good old days.  You had respect for other people.”

Nowadays, people whine and snitch constantly.   That is one thing that people never mention about jobs and working; the crap that people give one another on the job.

But..there are still many “bully” type people around.  Some of them are druggies, some of them are rednecks…boozehounds, and hot heads.  Pride is a overrated trait, yet people still have it by the ton, unfortunately.

Gossip can KILL you.  Just look at the NFL players, and other professional sportsmen.  Just look at Donald Trump and Barak Obama.  I rather like Mr. Trump.  He reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield’s character in the movie, “Caddyshack”.  I like him all right.  I like Mr. Obama too, except for the Libyan intervention.

Obama is like a Bugs Bunny Matador in a bullfight.  When he withdraws his cape,   there’s an anvil behind it.


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