Our Uniqueness

Maybe that is all we really have.  No matter who you are, in what situation- you are unique.  We are unique in the history of this world, for the brief time we are here.  I always look at Yuri Ives house and wonder.   It is just not him, but many others that I have known.  Mark Kuefel and his sister.  Romy and JoAnn Hart,  the people down stairs. People I’ve admired greatly, like George Sroufe.

“All life is experimental”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.   That is one of my favorite quotes.

There are many people, that I have come into contact, that I’ve greatly admired.  They bore whatever they had to bear, with dignity.  Man- the Salt o’ the earth.

It was gazing at Yuri Ive’s old house that started this train of thought.  He worked and built that old house up until it was the envy of the block.  His passion was the old houses in Northeast, splendid houses from a bygone era.  He lost his life because a couple of creeps wanted some money.  He was only 43 when he died,  I can’t get over it.   He was there- and now, he is gone, just like a snap of your fingers.

People.. we are unique beings, until the time we pass on.  I suppose, our activities, thoughts and actions live on.  Like a cave drawing.

Even the most humble, are incredible in their uniqueness.  I guess this is why I make this blog, about the affairs of the people around me.. about what IS in the world.  This blog.. is more like a Cave drawing, than a informative guide.  I make it because I enjoy writing.  Are my views distorted?  Quite.  But it’s MY computer by God.. I built it.. paid for it.. and I am gonna get my money’s worth.

I am doing things, reading things, and all the time wondering, at the mystery of this world, of this life.


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