The Roller Coaster Lives of the Urban poor

That’s what people’s lives are like around here.  More people have IRS liens on their paycheck than I care to count.  People are sick, and have medical conditions, like Bambi.  She genuinely has a case, but other people are staggering around here, sick.

They also drink and take drugs, which is like throwing gasoline upon a fire.  It’s Saturday night, and idiots are out on the front stoop drinking.  UGGG.  I don’t even like it in a bar, and refuse to hang around places that serve alcohol.

I hate to be around people when they are drunk.

Anyways, the poor always have legal problems, some of them serious.  I do not even know how some people make it, from one week to the next, they are so damn drunk all the time.  Others, such as Bambi, have very serious conditions.

Bambi is always forgetting to get her papers in with the social agencies, and winds up in real trouble.  She’s the sweetest woman, not like the hard cased whores that are staggering up and down the street, hiding when a police car goes by.

It’s Saturday night, and they are drinking that shit, and it often gets ugly. People act like it is not the case, that we can be NOTHING- in a second.  Outside now they are starting to fight, as I hear the curses and arguing, even as I type.  *groannn*


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