The Limited Range of the Poor

People around here have a very limited range.  For example,  Fred and Bambi are very limited because they don’t have a car.  Social services has got them down to NOTHIN’ on their food stamps.  At the end o’ the month they are always in a jam.  They don’t got a car.  Many, MANY people around here do not have personal transport.

Same way with old Dave downstairs.  Hmm.   Maybe I could.. go to the store and stock up for them.  Have them make me out a list, and I will go ’round to the sales.  Apple Market has chicken breast for 99cents, and Coke for 99cents, for example.

Today, as soon as Apple Market opens, I am gonna snatch up some of that bacon, before the housewives get it all.  It’s cheap, I am thinking 99 cents a pound, which is very cheap nowadays.  People were buying it up by the armload yesterday.  I would have got some, but they’d sold out.

People are always after me to cart them to the store.  But I would have to make trips for every household.  What they COULD do.. is make a grocery list, especially of sale items, then I’d go load up the truck with them.

The fuel cost is really a factor in shopping these days.  You’ll burn up a dollar’s worth of fuel to save 50 cents.

I buy a old Time Lapse VCR for $30, so I’ll have a record from my cams.  The digital DVR’s are getting cheap, but not cheap enough.  My brother will come by today, and we will hit the Woodswether for some BLT’s.  That place has the BEST BLT’s.

Last night was a big fire. Four ambulances came, and I lost count of the fire trucks. A boarded up building a few blocks down, burned up, and I mean it gutted the building.


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