Apartment Complex girls

Shane said: “I told that no good bitch to get the fuck out”.   He’s talking about Tammy..this one gal with dyed orange hair and no teeth.  “She ripped off my  CD collection”.  His CD collection is mostly Lynyrd Skynyrd,  Led Zeppelin, etc.  He had one other girlfriend that was ripping out the plumbing in his apartment to take down and sell at the scrap metal place.  Tammy used to go down to the casinos all the time, always bragging about the money she was winning.

Then Shane starts bragging about how some dude gave her $400 for sex, but she took off on him.  “Then she came by and gave ME a hundred dollars of it!”,  he brags.  Not that I am believing a word of it.  I wouldn’t let that chick touch me, much less pay her.  She’s gross.

Get the picture?  Like crabs in a barrel.  I am looking outside my cam, it is late at night and I just made up a great pot of pintos and ham.  I am getting tired of them, though.  I went to Woodswether Cafe and ate a burger and fries.  They’ve got it so they can server liquor there, and I can’t stand being around them drunks.

Today I am gonna make milanesa.  Or maybe just pan fry the milanesa.  Milanesa, is a thin cut of steak.  It’s normally breaded then fried in a pan of hot oil.  If my brother stops by for lunch, I’ll make him a sandwich on some nice Roma bread.  I enjoy seeing my brother.  Just to have a sandwich with him.

Shane: “..and when I get my social security, I am gonna tell all you motherfuckers to get fucked!”.   Eh he’s a hothead.  Him and Dave are always arguing over that rake.  Dave claims Shane stole his rake,  Shane claims Dave stole HIS rake.  It is funny,  except that hot head Shane will get physical at the drop of a hat.  He was in prison for a long time for one deal.  Was in jail here because he beat the crap out of some other guy, over something.  He’s kind of- nuts.

Kissy Chris might show up, about 3 or 4 A.M. in the morning, if it rains.  That place she is in, the roof leaks badly, and she gets all wet.  At least this place has electricity.  She’s living with some gay guy,  ‘cos he doesn’t bother her.  She’s got a TV and everything these days.

Northeast is full of people that are nuts, no, the United States is.  No- the world is.

Donald Trump is making a big stir.  He’s swinging wildly, but I agree with some of the stuff he says, lots of it.  Do I think America is a great country? NO..and I mean FUCK NO.  Do I think our “leaders” are a bunch of stupid jerks?  Emphatically.

Obama I liked, until the Libyan thing.   The cat’s been out of the bag for years though. I didn’t like Bill Clinton,  couldn’t stand neither of the Bushes.

Meanwhile..there is the “corporate world”, and the real, street world.  The owner of this place just rented to a couple of real charmers, gotta keep my eye out on them, so I can get inside if the fur starts to fly.  These dudes, driving a 1975 Impala painted gold, with no hub caps, remind me of  the movie “Straight Time”.  The car is too beat up to be a “classic”.  They make me nervous.  This place is starting to remind me of certain sections of Los Angeles.

That car looks like a liquor store robbery getaway car,  the owners decidedly “thug” looking characters.  Shifty eyed black dudes with do-rags.  These aren’t the RICH black dudes with do-rags, but local thugs.


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