Imagination Theater

I just listened to one of the shows from “Imagination Theater”.   Very good, and I never knew this sort of radio was still being produced..  Imagination Theater is currently broadcasting on Sirius Radio, and making new shows.  I listened to a Sherlock Holmes, and a Horror one,  “Mr. Darnborough Investigates”.

First rate stuff.  Very well done, very modern.

Lately, I’ve come to prefer these, especially when I want to listen to a spooky story at night before I go to sleep. Independence Avenue is a spooky place by itself, but when I am cozy in my apartment.. that front door is locked, and a cool breeze is coming in, it’s time for some entertainment.  NO.. I am not talking about smoking crack, like so many do around here.. but some real entertainment.

I listened to a episode from “Powder River” (Western).  Good stuff, well done.  Then “The Bouganville Giant” (Horror), again well done!  These were done in the modern era..1990 and are just as good as a video for a thrill.

The only thing missing from the Audio format of story telling is the detail.  For example, the can’t see the type of pistol that he has, the type of cheroot he is chewing..the stubble on his face..the dust on his boots.  But- it is cheap.  You can produce very imaginative stories for cheap.  No CGI.  No extras.  No cameramen.  You could make a universe filled with giant space ships that are as big as planets- no problem whatsoever.

Audio stories are good, but there is room for improvement.  I can’t say exactly what that would be.  It is something like, the detail of the story.  For instance, “30 Days of Night” was a good vampire story, because of the vampires in it.  They were very scary.   The audio stories seem too short, also.


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