The Lives of the Poor

Well, I see the scandal(s) of this day.  More stories about the SAME OLD PEOPLE.. the famous people that are the only ones that get in the news.  The poor people do not get in the news unless they get murdered, and there is no guarantee even if they DO get murdered.  It is the same the world over.

“Destiny” one of the street girls is trying to get in the building so she can fleece old Dave Singleton.  He’s got suckered, and rooked by these chicks, just like I have. Once the woman gets in the building, if she can’t fleece the first guy, she’ll go to the next apartment.  It really is their profession.  They’ve been around for years, they’ve been living this way for years.

This place is just overrun by sin.  I am also unmoved over the Barry Bonds “scandal”.  For millions of dollars, would you take steroids?  Ty Cobb would have.  After all, it IS a professional sport.

People act like the fuckin’ baseball team is playing ‘cos of God, the Flag, and Love of Country.  They are playin’ for the MONEY.  That is what they are playing for.  Millions are being spent betting on the outcome of these “games”.  Do you think sports are a “game”?  The world is a place where you eat, as you are being eaten.  At least around here, it is.

The place, Northeast, is a place of almost continuous petty crime.  It’s as continuous as rain.  I am not even sure of the cops.  In the late 70’s in New York, the DeMeo family killed people by the hundreds and hacked ’em up.  They had informants, Police officers,  that tipped them as to who was talking to police in the ‘hood.  They would kill these people and leave them out as a warning.  From what I observe, and gather, it could be the same way in Kansas City with the Parole Board.  Many Ex offenders are lurking around here.  They don’t even show up for the meetings they are supposed to attend with the Parole Board.

There is the contrast of what is purported to be reality on the news (the police have total control)..and the reality around here.  The reality is- the same people, are doing the same things, over, and over again.  It’s called being a “O.G.”.  *groann*

I do not think drugs are “victim less” nor is prostitution.  It is the cause of a LOT of problems with these poor people.  Many a fight, right out on the street, and loss of property is continuous in the apartment buildings and stores.

I’m unmoved by most things, except some nice pinto beans, which I am enjoying now.  I made some of the cactus ones today, same as yesterday.  This time I used a expensive brand of canned beans.  “La Costenada” brand.  I also have some of the dried pintos soaking, and made my brother some Masisa de Puerco, in case he comes by for lunch.   He works taking people to dialysis, it’s called a Share A Fare company.  Share A Fare is a medical program for poor people, so they can go get their dialysis, mostly.  Good program.  He don’t make squat.  So I try to have some lunch for him.  He works the night shift.

You might think me poor, but I have more than many people around here.  I’m on unemployment, after I ruptured myself at my last job.  There were complications. I’d  been a truck driver for the last 20 years.  I like to write better, than driving a truck.  As a matter of fact, people come to my door knocking on it, to beg, borrow, or often- steal. I’ve got the place rigged like a fortress nowadays.  People come over for “American loans”.  They’ll borrow some money, or something, and won’t bring it back. A good time for praying, and that is what I do most of the time.

I listen to lots of spiritualist books and tapes.  The desperate scenarios and situations of people around here are appalling.   I am eating that pinto and cactus dish, and I keep going back for another little bit.    It’s really good stuff.   With iced tea, made from Lipton Cold Brew tea.

Online I glance through the news, which is all about the famous people, and their .. problems.  Eh, what about these people around here?  I guess the headline could read.. “Pintos and Cactus.. Great Stuff”.  I am short of breath from smoking.

What are the faceless people doing in this world?  What are the news of them?  The same old thing, they are eating the same dirt that they are going to be buried in.

Destiny I want run out of here.  She smokes that “wet” and even sniffs it.  It’s this embalming fluid.  Destiny is crazy, and likes to lie to people, telling bigger and bigger tales.   She told me she owned 4 houses over in Kansas.  She tells people she is married to these mexican guys.  She tells all sorts of strange tales.  I used to be in the Navy with a guy like that.  He would tell bigger, and bigger whoppers. Everyone would find out about it and make fun of him.  WEIRD.

The hookers, the street girls around here, are all casual liars, but not as elaborate as Destiny.  Destiny will rip you off.  She scares me, she is so crazy.  Once she tried to take my wallet out of the back of my pants, pickpocket me.  I haven’t had that happen since I was in the Navy, in Olongapo City.

Many of the girls around here are famous thieves.  They go in the jail, they come out.  They are in County, they are in the City jail, then, they get out.

There are a few of them, such as “Dirty”, that go from city to city.  They’ll hope a bus, and then set up shop in another town or city.   All they’ve got to do is walk around and let themselves get picked up.   There are a few problems with this.  “Dirty” is HIV positive, according to the other girls.

I am debating whether to pick up a few more pounds of Masisa de Puerco (Pork Cushion).  It’s on sale for $1.49lb.  About the same as “Country Pork Ribs”, only more lean and muscular, still it’s not bad.

I might give some to Bambi.  I like Bambi better than all of the people I have met around here..she’s really God fearin’.  There are many people I’ve liked though.  I liked old Jim my dispatcher,  when I was working for OX.   Unfortunately,  two sons took over the company and decided that it would be more efficient without Jim.  They fucked up the company really bad.  Jim knew every shipper and receiver in Kansas City, and could really keep thing hopping.

Nowadays, I just pray all the time.  I keep praying.  The way things work out, you never know what is going to happen, at least around here.

Anyways, I fix my brother some dinner, some of the Masisa de Puerco, and get him over the hump.  He’s made it to Friday for his paycheck.   Tomorrow I will make some of the brisket for him, if I can get it thawed out in time, and get it in the crock pot.  Also, I will try the third attempt at decent crock pot beans made from Dry Pinto Beans.  At 59 cents a pound dry, a crock pot should last a week.  One pound of the dry pintos makes quite a lot of beans. I like to time my food; plan it out,  so I don’t waste it.


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