Crime is an Industry in Northeast

Crime is a industry in Northeast.  There are houses for sale here for $5,000.  I would not give you $500 for them, with NO money down, the people in the community are so bad.  I was making a long post, criticizing the police.  It is not the cop’s fault, that people are so nutty.  People are crazy..

At any one time, you can find most of the people that move in and out of the city’s jail roster, wandering around in Northeast.

When I first moved to Northeast, I was very, liberal I guess.  “Oh these poor, misunderstood prostitutes and drug addicts”.  Right now I am feeling like.  HANG ‘EM all.  God how I hate drugs and don’t understand them.  At a time when unemployment is so high.. I am figuring out how to cook pinto beans, yet people around here are still acting like there is a endless supply of money to support their wacky drugs to get “wacky” I guess.  I HATE THAT SHIT.   People can barely afford food.  Granted, it’s not a mass thing.. a massive starvation or whatever, but why throw money away?

One famous girl, who they found in the river,  used to hang around these apartments, some of her steady clients were in here.  She met a famous, and unfortunate end, but this woman.. she was kind of  a creep.   She was pretty, but that’s about it.

I am sorry to say, that I have known many of them.  They are a big problem in the apartments around here.  These girls just fuel the drug industry here.  Grandmother is raising their kids.  Their kids don’t even know them, and in some cases, will have nothing to do with their parents.

They are cunning, and manipulative as the devil, having years of experience with the prison system.  They get caught, but it is actually rare when they get caught.

Their livelihood is bullshitting men.  The story goes like this.. “If I had someone to believe in me.. “… “I just need a little help..”  “Nobody loves me”.. .”just one more time, then I am going to rehab”…or “sex for money”.  If they can’t bullshit the guy out of the money, they will rip him off, or worse.

They are a tax on the whole community, and literally take the food out of a baby’s mouth, in exchange for that dope.  I used to be sympathetic,  rehabilitationist, but not any more.

It’s the drain on community resources, with the cops chasing them, putting them into jail, then into rehab,  then back out on the street again.  Many of these girls on the Avenue have done this for 20 years,  according to them.  I’ve known many of them.   It’s a plague around here.

Few documentaries show the effect upon the family budget, and family, that drugs have.

The first DAY.. I mean.. the VERY.. FIRST DAY.. that they get out of whatever program they’ve been put into, they go back and do the same thing again.

Drugs seem the root cause of many other crimes in Northeast.  I used to have the most liberal views, but not anymore.  Resources are too dear.  I do not have time to experiment with such people.  I do not know why a drunkard is a drunkard.  I do not know why people want drugs.  I guess it IS pretty cool being a professional bum, because that’s what these people are. cannot survive around here without your wits about you, I do not drink ONE beer.   I’ve pretty much lost my interest in the human race, really.

When I first moved down here, I thought I could rehabilitate them out..turn them on to some positive philosophy.  Deepak Chopra, Wallace Wattles..etc.  No one cares about that shit.  They want a thrill, and more thrills. They want a secret potion, that will make them happy,  I guess.

The community spends a ton of money on them, and cops risk their neck and endanger the community chasing them around, flying with helicopters, cop cars, and everything else just to get them in jail…. THEN.. they come RIGHT back out, and I mean STRAIGHT BACK to the same old thing, and it’s always the same old ones.’s not as “cut and dried” as people think.  You might consider the dishonesty that seems to be inherit in society.  The huge Ponzi schemes, the collapse of Emron, Lincoln Savings and Loan and other enterprises.

Poor people are caught up in a world where the strong and cunning are often the winners.  People are attracted to strength.  Many of the people that go to jail are kind of..hapless people, caught up in the general  flow of things.   Truck drivers cheat on their logs all the time to keep their jobs, for example.  I mean you are EXPECTED to cheat on your logs, with the D.O.T. being “the enemy”.

It’s the same around here. It’s as if one evil spawns many others.

Northeast is just overrun by them.  They come into these apartment buildings.  They are interconnected with drug dealers in this’s all kind of a “natural deal”.  People don’t even think of it as crime.


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