The Silent Adventure of Good old Whats His Face

Man.. people never tell you what they are thinkin’ about.  They never tell you nothin. I was thinking of my Uncle Bob Trowbridge today.. and his colonoscopy where they fucked him up some how.  Tore his colon, I never did get the full deal on it, because I was so busy workin!  This was at the V.A. hospital.

The American family is rife with infighting, and splintered.  I guess that is why people want the Government to be the family.  Bambi’s little nephew the crackhead, rips off their cell phone.  There is so much fighting in families and it is never.. “forgotton”.

You are surrounded by “whats his faces” that are often going through excruciating adventure.. especially medical ones.  They are there, then they are gone.  Then there is the funeral, and the guilt.  “I always thought he was a bastard, but boy, I didn’t hate him THAT much!”.

People are like worlds that collide.  I like it better mostly, by myself.  To have time to yourself is the biggest joy.  To write, how I love to write.  Every person in this life is a little universe, a little world.  There is always adventure, even if you live the most laid back life.  I do not even WANT adventure, but I get it anyways.  You can hack your foot off with the lawnmower- there is no need to go to Iraq and court danger. No need to jump out of a airplane, or go to the South Pole.

Just like that guy down the street, Yuri Ives who was the envy of the whole block.  He had a big old house that was all fixed up.   Well, he had quite a Waterloo.  Ended up getting murdered.  That was awful.  To know that there are people in this world, that will do such a thing.  It’s hard enough, the way it is.  Human beings just love to add horror to the events of this earth.

There are plenty of “Good old whats his faces” in this world that I liked, and even loved.  I even loved the people that I didn’t like.  People are in their silent struggles. They struggle with life, and they struggle with themselves.

How people love to fight! They love to fight more than they like to have sex, more than they like to breathe!  I wish they could make being nice to one another, some type of competitive sport, like the Roman Arena.  The world might be better off.

People love fury and anger, but mercy and forgiveness, are some of the finest feelings that we can experience.


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