The Woodswether Cafe

After my grueling colonoscopy experience,  my brother is there to pick me up. People would not appreciate, how great it is,  just to have someone who will pick you up from the hospital.

I am hungry and zoned out from the Demerol they gave me, so we go for some food. We are looking for a good place, then the idea hits me to go to Jerry’s Woodswether Cafe.  Jerry sold it to some other guy’s but it’s the same food.

We order a cheeseburger and fries, and a BLT.  We split the fries because the portion is so huge, and the BLT is the best in town.  It was great to be with my brother,  and the food was great,  it always is.  Just to be sitting there with him.  There is not much to say, except to eat and digest, but I am so happy to be there.

I’ve ate there many times.  I like the BLT and Hamburger, especially with that huge portion of hand cut fries.  These might be the best fries I’ve ever had.  I am trying to think of better ones, but I can’t right now.  They are great,  reasonably priced to, considering the “order” of fries, which is this platter of them.

This place is down in the West the boondocks amid a bunch of old Warehouses, industrial places.  There ain’t nothin’ down there, but a competing little C Store that sells food also.  The place has always had very short hours, as do many of the cafes in that are in the Bottoms areas of Kansas City.

The hamburgers, BLT, and other dishes are American as apple pie, and they are some of the best in town, if not THE best.  These guys, they got the right idea!  It reminds me of Betty’s Cafe out in Blue Springs.  Yeah, oh yeah.


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