Slavery in America

I was reading this link.. about slavery in America. Do I believe it? I certainly do.  Reminds me of a motel in Las Vegas, the Vegas Chalet, operated by these Iranians.  They’d have plenty of homeless people to choose from.  They’d work their ass off just for a room.  I mean 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I was stuck working there for a year.

All sorts of scenarios exist in the United States.  Everyone says it is so “over regulated” yeah right.  The labor board there turns a blind eye to these motel owners there.

There are 4 D.O.T. inspectors for the entire state of Kansas, for instance.  All sorts of stuff happen here.  Why oh why, is the U.S. Government so bent on reforming everyone else in the world?  What’s so great about HERE?

“To defend what, and protect who?” is my motto for the U.S. military.  I guess a person should go into the military.  You can have a good career there, if you have some menthol for your nose, so you can wade through the flag wavin’ bullshit.

This place ain’t a democracy.  “And to the money, for which it stands”.  I did my time, but patriotic?  Hardly.  Patriotic, about what?  They’d be feedin’ us at a trough with oatmeal gruel, if they could.  With fuckin’ electro shock collars on to boot.


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