The Struggles of People

People are in such a struggle around me it makes me crazy.  Like a soap opera.. who KNOWS what the Sam Hill is gonna happen! The time that they do have on this earth in between health crises they spend fighting and being offended by one another.

I guess people love being exited.  We cannot get over our love of excitement.  For me, the “thrill of victory” is getting these beans to cook up right.

Poor Chrissy comes over, she is gonna have a operation.  People’s sad lives make me even sadder.  All I have to do sometimes, is just talk to other people and it gets me into tears.  I could write a book about my uncles, “The Dangerous Life of Dan”, and “Tears of a Prostitute”,  “Diary of a Poor Man”, and “Demise of Whats His Face”.

I hope Bambi comes up today.  I love the stories she tells.  I keep trying to make up my own stories, but the stories other people tell me are far more interesting.

It could be worse.. I suppose.  It could be far worse.  We could be in some other interesting periods of history, which I am glad that I have missed!  Sheesh I cannot even take this one hardly.

The government shutdown, I do not know what will happen if essential services are cut around here.  People are scraping by right now, and sometimes, at one another’s throat, over the most miniscule amounts of money.

People dehumanize one another, so now they have an excuse to treat others badly.  I guess it is nothing new.  For centuries it’s been happening.  The police helicopter is overhead again tonight, like usual.  He’s down at the other end, hovering, about Prospect and Independence Avenue.

I go down and vote,  in favor of the E Tax.  I just hope that Sly James spends it in a ways that will do some good.

Update: There was a shooting down there, on Park Street, about 1/2 mile from my house.  That’s why the helicopters were out.  Life is hard enough, why do people have to add even more sh*t to what already is?


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