Vigo Red Beans and Rice

I just made some Vigo brand, Red Beans and Rice. These were bought at the Apple Market, for $1 a package.  Apple Market carries also the Black Beans and Rice, and the Jambalya rice.  My verdict?  I agree with the 5 star ratings around the net.  You can type “Vigo Red Beans and Rice review” into Google, and find out what others say about them.

These come in a small dry mix.  You boil some water, add the mix, along with a tablespoon of butter or margarine.  Then cover tightly, and let simmer for 22-25 minutes.  I added some powdered chicken bullion.

The advertisement says “completely seasoned”, and they are truthful. It’s really good stuff.  The sauce is very creamy.  The proportion of rice to beans is good, and it is excellent in it’s flavor.  You really need nothing else.  I can’t get over how flavorful Vigo is.    It is not quite the same as Popeye’s Chicken red beans and rice.  They are different, but I rate the Vigo just as tasty.  Maybe Popeye’s are a little better, but only slightly.   It makes quite a saucepan full, and is rib sticking and satisfying.  You might make better on your own.  MAYBE.  Then maybe not.  The seasonings are just right in the Vigo.  With this stuff around, I’d never bother with making red beans and rice from scratch, why would I?

I dunno how many servings it makes, I’d say 4 generous servings.  It is so filling I would say that is about right.  The beans in it are very good for you, and it sure tastes good!  I expected it to be a little bland, and was pleasantly surprised.  Thumbs up.  I’ll be keeping this in the kitchen.  The 25 minutes went by quickly, and I simmered it on extremely low heat,  the flames just barely peeking from the holes in the burner.  I am gonna try the black beans and rice next.


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