Good old ‘Whats his face’

So many people I know have died.  As I think of it,  it often makes me sad. There were the Kuefels.  Wiped out by Cancer, only the mother survives.  The children gone at age 42 and 50.  The husband dead from cancer.  My parents both dead.  Many of my co workers gone.  It is depressing, how we can be as NOTHING.. in a blink of an eye.

It’s as if no one even noticed their struggles..then the devastating end.  Romy and Joann Hart, who raised children that were devastated by Epilepsy.  Both their poor boys, Nicky and Kevin died before they were 21.  This was back in the olden days, when they could do nothing for epilepsy.

People fight the bravest battles, all over the place, and no one ever hears about it.  Nothing at all.  They just disappear, and are gone.  It’s like the wind blows ’em away.

It’s hard to put a label on the world. Sometimes I think it is a very bad place.  But there are things that are very good.  I know people know like my Aunt, who is going through all sorts of torture for her medical condition.. just the bravest people.. the BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE.   Other times, I witness soul destroying things.  I see other people that are so brave, braver than I could ever be.


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