Translating Mexican Cuts of Meat

The mexican grocer Abarrotes Mi Famila across the street has good deals on meat every Wednesday and Thursday.  The problem is, I can’t figure out what the cuts of meat are.   I was searching all over for “masisa de puerco”.  Looks like some sort of pork roast.  Even with Google and Babelfish, it is hard to figure out what types of meat they are.  “Espaldillo de Puerco” was another hard one to figure out, I didn’t buy any ‘cos I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I do not necessarily cook mexican recipes with the meat.  I was looking for pork roast, beef roast, etc.

There is  “picadillo de puerco”.  This translates to “pork hash” what in the sam hill is that? The mexican cuts of meat are different.  They also sell Shank Beef, which is hardly seen in the ‘States. Chamarro de Res it is called, this is used for Beef Soup or stew, called “Caldo de Res”.   Man a lot of the translations I couldn’t find, such as “Masisa de puerco”.  Pork Cushion is what I finally came up with.  Now to figure out what Pork cushion is.

The “Picadillo de Puerco” is what I will finally bought.  Brown it a little, then throw it in the crockpot with some yellow curry paste.  I finally broke down and bought a couple pounds  It seemed good as I browned it up..then added it to a crock pot with 1 can Coconut Cream, and 2 tablespoons Mae Ploy Yellow curry paste. A tablespoon of brown sugar, a liberal sprinkling of chicken bullion powder   This Picadillo de Puerco used the Pork Cushion meat (Masisa de Puerco).  Seems like it will be good, and I am on the verge of going to get more to freeze.

I went and bought 4 more pounds of the Picadillo de Puerco, and put it in my freezer.  The meat there is not “inferior” but just cut different.  Different cuts of meat that are commonly used in Mexican cooking, but they will adapt.  I am very happy with their meat, actually.

Update: Well this turned out very good.  I liked the potatoes that I threw in there almost better than the pork.  The gravy was just wonderful. Next time: I will use less curry paste, and maybe something different, such as Massaman.  The meal was cheap, and the Coconut cream and chicken bullion, along with the natural pork juices, made a fine, fine gravy.  It had that “hearty” quality.  The spuds tasted just wonderful with it.  The pork and chicken bullion did not need much help at all to make a very nice sauce.


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