Winter’s Bone

I just watched a movie last night called “Winter’s Bone” (2010).  The movie had hardly any special effects.  The heroine wasn’t a marshal arts expert.  No hi tech gadgets.  No rubber monsters.  The movie was realistic and it kept my attention beginning to end.  It’s a little gem of a movie.

The part where the young woman is trying to sign up for the military for the $40,000 bonus because she was gonna lose their home.  That really hits home.  Hey, that was me.

The part where they are eating squirrel that they shot..that was me.   So the movie is really down home. It’s been years since I hunted for food, or fished.  No time for it.. I’d rather have a hamburger anyways.  So the local squirrels and bunnies don’t gotta worry about me.

The movie was about meth dealers down in Southern Missouri.  I will not reveal the plot.  It’s the same thing around here, only the drug is usually crack.  They are a presence in the community.  Bigger than the local government, eh maybe.   I hate their nasty product.

This movie was a simple story. No special effects, hardly. The dialog simple, but realistic and good.  Not that many twists to the plot. The actors are average looking people.  The movie’s realism was it’s strong point, it was very good.  Many movies I will stop and then start again, because I get a little bored, but not this one.

It makes me wonder what DOES. make a good story?  What makes a good movie or screenplay?  I watch many different movies.  Mexican cinema.  Italian movies, and of course Asian horror films.  Often, a simple story is better than a blood soaked, hi tech, kick ass hero type of movie.

The foreign cinema is just as good, or better than films made right here.  This is surprising. No rubber Godzillas.. no cheap camera work, no tinny music.  I have to use subtitles, but the productions are very slick.  The stories are very good, some of them.  The Italian cinematography is very good, even in the old flicks from the 60’s.

Winter’s Bone reminds me of some of the realities in America.


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