Thug Watch

Someone gets shot up at the 7-11. (opens link in new browser tab)  I wake up to the sound of my “Thunderstorm” MP3. It’s soothing.. then, I hear the sounds of fighting upstairs, and old Josh has thrown his girlfriend down the steps. I’ve heard that so many times.. *bump bump bump*, then the screaming comes.  I stay out of it.

In the past month I’ve got ripped off for a netbook, a cell phone, a digital camera, and a GPS.  I am tired of wrangling.  I am still trying to figure out this mystery.  This place reminds me of the Rue Morgue.  It isn’t just the girls either. I keep remembering that one cop’s words..“everybody in this neighborhood, and down in the east bottoms,  and I mean EVERYONE in that neighborhood,   they are all thieves.”

This 7-11 is the one at Benton and Independence Avenue.  The gist of it was, someone was going nuts up there and brandishing a rifle.  NO, turns out it was a knife and the dude was drunk.  God I hate drugs, and booze too.

I hear the thumping and bumping as they are fighting upstairs.  I don’t think this gal did anything.. she was not a ‘ho.  I don’t know what she is.  I think she is just unwanted.  The dude upstairs smacks her a couple of times, but not hard, but threatening.. her mom comes and picks her up.  At least, she has someone who will pick her up.  Many people do not have that.  This sure isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen.   Crisis in Libya? We have continual crisis, right here.  Plenty of violence- right here.

Since I am a patriotic veteran who did his duty.. I wonder if the government would give me the money from just ONE of these rounds.. ONE Tomahawk missile.  They’re always saying how much they love me!  Hmmph.  The mercenaries that Gaddafi was hiring got more money per DAY than we got for a whole month back when I was in the service.  Plus he was paying $18,000 per scalp.  This is some good money. Then I would move out of this wonderful utopia.  I would find some peaceful place to live.

Later, I go down to the Family Dollar on the East side of the Avenue to get some coffee, some shampoo.    A couple girls come chasin’ me, clear into the store.  One of ’em was Brandy, a street girl I barely know.  She got stabbed in the hand by this mexican dude, when they were doing a date.  Stabbed in the hand, or something, her hand messed up.  I swear I am gonna get a siren and cherries for my old car.

I’ve taken people to deliver premature babies.. been there when girls miscarried, had to take ’em to the hospital.  Spider bites, once Chrissy had this HUGE spider bite.. musta been 2″ across.  It is every BIT as ghastly as the photos you will find look.  They’ve often had spider bites, ‘cos they are sleeping out in the friggin bushes.

These girls are more like these ragged bums than “hookers” with tight skirts on etc.  They need socks, they need jeans, shoes,  and to get cleaned up. If you meet a woman like that on the Avenue,  all spiffy and sexy, it is more likely a policewoman.

In fact, the way it sometimes turns out, it might be better off for you if it IS a policewoman!  It is more like they are desperately trying to survive than a “sex” thing.  I gave ’em a ride back up near their house and dropped them off,  silently praying to myself for being a fool.  These girls are dangerous, and not to be trusted, not at all.

So I do not know if I would call this ‘hood.. “crime”.  More like- desperation. It’s even more desperate than “Desolation Row”.  It is somewhat like..the Gaza strip or something.  These people who are alienated from society, and cannot even share in it’s most basic benefits.  Like crabs in a barrel.  In this ‘hood NEVER try to impress people with your possessions.. NEVER show off the latest gadget you have aquired.

None of the people in this ‘hood seem to think drugs are crime.  They don’t.  Despite the fact that you will get your whole friggin life ruined for possession of the smallest amount of them.  You’ll also get barred from holding many jobs, such as a CDL job, a trucking job.

Then, there are the crimes, like happened this morning.  To help others here, to get personal, and you are asking for it.  I know from my own experience.  On the other hand, I have been just as needy as the people I sometimes meet.

Right here in America, people can be found living without the most basic things.  Hot water, or any water at all.  Heat, and light, food and medicine.  It’s awful.

But you’ve got ripped off, got hurt in the past, you are afraid to help, afraid to give.  The evil caused by sin does not stop with the act itself.  The damage does not stop with the moment of the act, but has far reaching consequences.  It don’t look like it’s ever gonna stop, either.

One guy I’d like to just punch in the face is Richard Carlson, PhD.  He wrote “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”.   HELL YES what you DO TODAY is gonna matter in the next 100 years.  HELL YES IT MATTERS.  I can’t believe they gave that guy a Ph D.  I am gonna find out where he got his PhD from, and complain.


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