Japan is Melting Down, and So Is Everybody Else

Man.. somebody PLEASE shoot me.  Well..heh.. I take that back!  Around here people would say.. “why sure!'”.   My brother comes over and we listen to some of Bob Dylan’s songs.. such as “Desolation Row”.  I can’t stop thinking about it this depressing shit.  It reminds me of this ‘hood, and the people in it.

Then we listen to a cover of “Everything is Broken“.. *groann*.  Now, the next day, I can’t stop thinking of them!  They lyrics are depressing, but they are true.. such as “Some are building monuments, some are building moats.” I like my new age music better.  It makes me feel more pleasant.  “New Age” music is just this ambience music.  It is just something pleasant to listen to,  without too much theme.  No broken hearted cowboy.  No horny rocker.  No crack headed gang banger.

The broken hearted Chris comes over, with her hair falling out, Dave downstairs has to borrow some bread from me.  The scavengers last night were diggin through the trash.  Chris says these are not crack heads, but scrappers, who sell the aluminum cans.  She’s trying to wangle $50 for a wig, so she can look for a job.  She’s been “looking for a job” for the past 8 years now.  Some people around here, are in a psychosis from drugs and alcohol.  Years and years of using them.  It is sad, and it is awful to behold.  You can never straighten them out.  If you try to help them, they will straighten YOU out all right.

There’s drama in Japan, and in Libya, but there is drama right here- unfortunately!  Here, I think a lot of it tied to the drug trade, and booze too.  People love to be crazy.  They love to argue, as in “Gulliver’s Travels”.  Compare that to the many wonderful features of a dog or cat.  Well, they will sometimes argue.  The ones I had never argued too much with me, hardly at all.

I miss a appointment with the surgeons, ‘cos I can’t even sleep.  It’ relationships that are the hardest.  People- are the most difficult to deal with.  It is hard telling WHAT people will bring to you.  It is quite a soap opera around here.  ALWAYS ALWAYS.. the sh*t, has hit the fan.. or is about to.


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