Chicken Breast cooked in Salsa

I got this one from All Recipes.  Get some boneless chicken breast.  Get some salsa, or picante sauce. Empty it into a saucepan, and let it boil (I always add some water if it’s too thick).   A teaspoon of lemon juice really seems to help it out.  I didn’t think it was important, but the 1st and 3rd time I made this, I used lemon juice.  There was a real difference.

Now, throw the chicken breast in there, reduce the heat to very low, and let it simmer about 25-30  minutes.  I usually do 35 minutes to be on the safe side.

I make some instant rice with this, and tonight I tried some cactus.  Really turns out good, far better than what you might imagine.  The sauce really gets into the chicken, and it’s HOT and flavorful!   It turns out much better than any of the other ways that I have made chicken!  I’ll bet this would be good to make a bbq chicken.

This is actually poached chicken. I like the way it turns out.  It is flavorful, tender, and easy.  I used La Costena Ranchero Salsa, medium for this one. I just make ONE breast at a time.  There are many types of salsa, so you might use your imagination.  I also put a little water in there, if you don’t, the salsa will stick to the pan.

So that’s about it!  There’s no scientific measurements or anything.  I use about a medium sized bottle of the stuff.. some I put in the pan, the rest I throw in a bag.  There is always some salsa sticking in the bottle, I pour water in it and swish it to get the last bit of salsa out, and dump it in the pan or in the marinade bag.

Takes about 25 minutes, but it is a GOOD meal.  It is better than many restaurant meals, and cheap.  The cactus is cheap, about $1.98 or even less for a big jar of it.   I will get a variety that is less tangy next time.  This cactus I used was pretty zesty.

Cactus is slightly sour, and tangy.  Looks like green beans, but it is not.  A tablespoon of the salsa flavors some plain, instant rice, and I am well pleased with this meal.  A big jar of cactus will go a long way.  The portion I always eat is small, I don’t gobble cups of it down, but it is a good side dish, and the sauce that the cactus is in, is said to be very healthful.

I am gonna try this with curry sauce, BBQ sauce, and/or Teriyaki sauce.

Update: I made the last chicken breast in the pack.  I used La Costena Ranchero Salso (Medium).  I had a bunch of other Salsas, but like this one the best.  The teaspoon of lemon juice is important.  The breast turned out GOOD.  Good penetration of flavor,  this sauce, although labeled “medium” is hot enough to make your nose run if you eat enough of it.  Eh- that’s just the way I like it!   This is tasty, and cheap, but I am tired of chicken breast.  I want to try some hamburger stroganoff I have been reading about.


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