Most Web Pages need real help

Most Web pages SUCK. K.Chris comes over to use my computer.  She got her Yahoo Mail account.  She types like “hunt and peck”.. and that mouse, it’s hard for lots of people to get used to.  She goes on Yahoo.. and she can’t find shit..and boy..NEITHER CAN I!

MOST web pages have so much CRAP on them it’s hard to find what you were looking for in the first place!  Or they will do sneaky stuff like put a few sentences.. a “teaser” to keep you on the page so you can be hypnotized by their crapola.

I am not talking about Little Johnny’s 5th grade report.  I am talking about CNN, Fox News, KCMO TVee 5 news, which I never use.  Why don’t people take a look at Google?  The way it’s laid out.. so SIMPLE.  People can NOT just get it through their heads I guess!  CNN, KCTV-5, Faux News are just ..BARELY.. informational sites.  There are a few sentences of information.. and a TON OF CRAP on these sites.

What is worse.. they keep insisting that the Internet is broadcast TVeee.  The Internet is NOT TV!  Just some text please, and some photos that will come up in another browser.  NO I DON’T WANT TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR CRAP.. NO.. I DON’T want to take a poll!

Hillman Curtis gets famous for his web pages.  Yes yes.. if I want to get astounded by visual effects, I will just rent “Fantasia”!

If I want to look at stuff to buy.. well there’s Ebay and Craigslist.  These are well designed web pages, by the way. I am guilty of the same things, concentrating on form, not content.  I made big spiffy web pages with FLASH.    People are looking for information on the web, mostly, not a visual and audio experience, while I cram my brand of coffee down their throat!  Photos and video are good, yep.  Keep the graphics in context.

There are pages with video all over them.  I have broadband and still they slow things down and foul them up.  What’s evem worse- the video has this annoying fucking commercial on it!

Yep.  Madison Avenue and other geniuses have done their best.. to SCREW UP A GOOD THING!  Just surfing the net, getting to what you want, can take you hours to learn, thanks to the junk that’s floating around in cyberspace.

Poor Chrissy can barely get used to moving the mouse around, she is no match for the TON OF CRAP that is on most web pages.  Hard to find controls. Useless gadgets on the pages.  Anything, that takes several operations to accomplish a task.  Web designers might note the popularity of Craig’s list.  IT IS SIMPLE.

Even YouTube video sucks.  People want to see what they want, not listen to “MegaBlood” pound their ears out while they look at a video of a rabbit in the back yard.


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