The Infected

That’s what life is like around here. These apartments the moral value is, “if I can rip you off, then you are stupid, and I deserve to have whatever I can rip you off for.”   Yep.  A doper’s philosophy.  At night they are out in the trash, I mean several different parties of them out in the trash waiting to be picked up.  They sort through the household garbage for like 20 or 30 minutes.

What do the cops around here do?  They don’t do shit, unless it’s one o’ Funkhouser’s Finest that gets whacked.  Imagine, a movie, where you finally figure out the perpetrator, figure it out, call 9-1-1, then the cops don’t do SHIT.  That’s what it’s like around here. Meanwhile, I am trying to get my car together.  Eh well.  The News Media was shittin’ it’s pants after the rich guy down the street got killed.   It’s the same old people, doing the same old crap around here too.  Drugs, ripping people off, drugs, ripping people off.  Most of the dopers have the most twisted values.  “All the world is a bunch o’ crooks, and I am just a robin hood, ripping off the crooks.”  *groannnn*.

Update: Mar 13,20011 This weekend wild with a bunch of shootings right down the street.  The corner of Indiana and Independence Avenue (Kansas City,MO). This corner is notorious for people slinging drugs, prostitutes. Man I didnt hear nothin…and I was awake till 0600 almost.

A couple summers ago, they ripped the big A/C unit off of the family dollar.. I guess for the scrap.  *Groannnn*

But hey.. they will often rip one another off.  Then they are in rehab explaining how misunderstood they are.  I was watching the TVee series “The Walking Dead” and was struck by the analogy.  These apartments are full of drug addicts, and you never know who is what.  So maybe, “Vampire” is a better analogy.  A drug habit is behind many an embezzler, or other perpetrator of more serious crimes.  Vampire, because you cannot tell right away.

So that’s how it is around here, at least in my America.  “If I can rip you off, then I AM SMART, and you are DUMB.. and I am performing a valuable service to the world.”

James Allen put it another way, “when the moment is right, the evil thought springs forth, and reveals it’s gathered power”.

Oh JESUS how dangerous people are! A dog or cat, you can take it in, feed it, and you can have something nice.  Boy not people.  People still have a suspicious, strange mentality, that hasn’t changed since the middle ages.  Many people are secretly at war with the world.

STILL.. man can be a magnificent thing.  I think of the doctors that fixed my hernia.  I was sick for MONTHS with that thing.. they argued and argued over it.  Finally, we did the surgery, and that fixed it.  Yep.  A few minutes, and the doctor, with his monkey hands, fixed me right up.


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